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This article is about the Police Base at the Prison. You may be looking for the Easter Isle Police Station.

The Police Base is a location inside the Prison, serving as the spawning point for Police. The base is used for the cash drop-off location when raiding the Nightclub and Cargo Plane.

The interior of the base sports 13 different weapons, being the Pistol-S, Deagle, Shotgun, MP5, M4A1, SCAR, AWP, Sniper, SPAS, Tear Gas, M32, Riot Shield, Baton, and the Famas. The police variant of Body Armor is also available. A bounty board displays the six highest bounties, and a bridge leading to the SWAT area where the Helicopter is. Its doors can be opened by having a Keycard or being a Hero or Police.


  • Along with both Criminal Bases and the Easter Isle Police Station (formerly, as Easter Isle is now removed), it is the only team spawn that allows other teams to enter it.