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This article is about the item dropped by Heroes. You may be looking for the quest item of a similar name.

A Power Crystal is an item that members of the Hero team have a chance of dropping upon death. Upon being interacted with by a Criminal or Prisoner, it will be consumed and they will gain the abilities of the hero that dropped the crystal, simultaneously being switched to the Villain team.

There are currently eight crystals in-game that are obtainable by legitimate means, one for each hero. There are three crystals for each Villain, but their respective crystals can only be obtained with the use of private server admin commands.


  • Phantom is the only hero to have their crystal be made unobtainable, granted it became a villain-exclusive ability at the beginning of Season 4.
    • When obtaining it via private server admin commands, the player's skin will not turn green, disparate to when it is equipped at the Villain Lair.
  • Any items a prisoner has obtained from looting will be kept when they interact with a crystal.
  • Obtaining a crystal will revert the player's skin color to its natural state if it has been altered in some way (such as equipping the Phantom power).