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The Prison is the Prisoner spawn point and confinement location. Prisoners must escape from the prison in order to become a Criminal. The prison is loaded with barrels, boxes, crates and garbage cans to loot and craft ways to escape, or, alternatively, prisoners can use one of the two large gates (located by the SWAT Armory and the Police HQ) to escape, which requires nothing to use, but will raise an alarm (which can be heard across the map).


Prison Area

There are two floors inside the cells complex. Prisoners spawn in a cell upon joining the team. An NPC and a box are located in the cells complex. It is connected to the giant room with a few tables and fences. The giant room leads to the police base and the Comms room. The comms room is a police spawn that contains weapons and security cameras, which requires a keycard to access. There are also two halls connected to the giant room. One leads to the back entrance of the SWAT area and the outside. Another hall leads to the exit. The cafeteria is connected to that hall leading to the outside and so as another hall leading to a small outside area and a movie room.

The cafeteria includes many tables that can be sat at, and a lunch counter, with various food trays that change every in-game day. Behind the counter is an assortment of stoves and other kitchen appliances that can be interacted with if the player chooses the chef job. There is also a back freezer/pantry room with some patties that also can be used by chefs.

The utility room contains a table that has pickaxes on it that can be used for the miner job. It also is connected to the laundry room.

Through the utility room is the mine, a large open area with several barrels that can be looted and an assortment of rocks that can be mined with the pickaxe.

The park exit leads to a long walkway with entrances to the movie room, and the bathrooms. At the end of the walkway is the park, an open area with a box that can be looted and a bench.

There is a lockpick location near the gate escape 2. It will lead to the outside next to the police base.

There is a fitness zone where anyone can go work out and earn 10 XP while doing it. Next to the fitness zone are two goals and a soccer ball in the soccer field which players can kick. A section of the wall near the soccer field has a escape route by placing a rope. 

Police Base Area

Main article: Police Base

The Police Base is located near the SWAT area and is a spawn location for Police. The Police Base sports a bounty board, weapons rack and a bridge connecting the police base with the SWAT area.

There is a parking lot in front of it that houses the Camaro, Dominator, Cruiser, and Tracer. A hole under the electric fence allows prisoners to escape by crawling underneath. There is also two rooms with doors that can be opened with a keycard. Two of them lead to the watchtowers.

There is a pet center located next to the hole under the electric fence where Police can adopt a Police Dog and customize (with ownership of the Pet Plus game pass) or get toys for them.


The SWAT area is located next to the gate escape. It can be accessed by going through the open area at the front of the location. A Helicopter is on the roof and can only be accessible through the police base. A Keycard can give access located on the back of the area.

The inside has a table and some TVs. Certain weapons can be collected there. Players can also buy Body Armor and get their regular clothes. A SWAT is located at the building which can be drove out from the open area.


There are three jobs that can be completed for XP and Cash.

  • Mining - The player will be given a pickaxe that can be used to mine copper, gold, and diamond. Grants 60 XP and 25Cash.png for copper, 65 XP and 200Cash.png for gold, and 220 XP and 1,000Cash.png for diamond.
  • Laundry - The player washes laundry. Grants 10 XP and 25Cash.png upon completion.
  • Cooking - The player makes burgers. Grants 150 XP and 100Cash.png upon completion.


Players can loot boxes, crates, barrels and garbage cans around the prison, or pickpocket police officers to get materials for crafting objects to escape prison, or for other uses. Players can also buy some of these items from a person near the mines. Below is a list of items Prisoners can obtain via looting, crafting, and pickpocketing:

Non-Escape Items

Players use these items for other purposes than to escape.


  • Knife - Used as a weapon. Crafted using Metal and Tape.
  • Pistol - Used as a weapon. Found via looting and pickpocketing.
  • Baton - Used as a weapon. Obtained via pickpocketing.


  • Food - Used as a cosmetic item that plays an eating animation and plays a cut voice clip of Mikhail "Heavy Weapons Guy" eating his Sandvich from Team Fortress 2.


These are escapes from the prison that players can use.

Escape Items

  • C4 - Used for exploding the lamp at the basketball court. Crafted using Plastic and Gunpowder.
  • Rope - Placed on the wall near the soccer field.
  • Screwdriver - Used for opening the vent in the cells complex.
  • Hammer - Breaks the open toilet in the bathroom on the right. Crafted using Wood and Stone.
  • Lockpick - Used for opening the door near the gate escape.
  • Spoon - Used for digging the pile of dirt next to the Police Base. It is currently unobtainable.
  • Wire Cutters - Used for cutting through the wire in the fence. Obtained by talking to the shady prisoner at the mining area.
  • Pickaxe - Used for mining a broken wall near the mining area. Obtained via the mining job.
  • Keycard - Used to escape through the police base or wall. Obtained via pickpocketing.

Item-Free Escapes

  • SWAT gate escape - Interacting with a lever near the SWAT area opens the gates and sounding an alarm.
  • Police Base gate escape - Interacting with a button will open a gate and sound an alarm near the police base.