Mad City Roblox Wiki

Prisoner is the one of the starter teams that players can select upon joining a server or in Phone.

Prisoners spawn in a cell inside the Prison. Players who join the Prisoner team will spawn there and the cell door opens after about ten seconds. As a prisoner, the player can interact with five NPCs inside the prison and can search boxes, barrels, and garbage cans for various tools and materials that can be crafted with, used for combat, or to escape Prison. Prisoners cannot be engaged or arrested until they either enter a restricted area, are holding any item considered as contraband, or damaging a cop or a hero.

If a prisoner dies, the prisoner will always respawn in one of the cells. After escaping the Prison, the player's team automatically switches to Criminal and they cannot go back to the Prisoner team unless they rejoin a new server, are killed by a Hero or Police Officer, are arrested by a Police Officer, or reset too close to the Prison.


  • It is the only team that can craft items.
  • A player's cell door will usually be open upon first joining because of the amount of time it takes to load the game and select a team.
  • If a prisoner holds contraband, they will still be guilty after putting it away for a certain amount of time, but they become innocent instantly when leaving a restricted area.
  • It is the only criminal team that player can join, to become Criminal or Villain, prisoner must do some actions.