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Proton is one of the eight heroes. Proton’s ability allows the user to fire laser beams from the player’s eyes. Each laser beam deals 12 damage and Proton is able to fire ten laser beams before having to recharge. Proton can also sprint noticeably faster than a normal player.

Along with his higher sprinting speed, Proton has a high-jumping ability that can be activated by pressing the spacebar twice in quick succession, launching them into the air.


  • Proton's design may be inspired by the Marvel superhero Captain Marvel.
  • Proton's lasers are similar in both appearance and sound to the Death Ray.
  • Proton was reworked in Season 4, increasing his laser beam capacity to 10, removing the explosion from the laser beam, changing the laser beam's firing mode from semi-automatic to automatic, and changing the damage from 35 to 12. His flight was also replaced by the high-jump ability.
  • Proton’s high-jump ability is also shared with Archer and Rykou.