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The Pyramid is one of the eight primary heists available for Criminals to rob. It was added as a closed location at the beginning of Season 2 and later became a heist in the April 6th, 2019 update. Completing this heist rewards up to 7,500Cash.png or 15,000Cash.png with the VIP game pass, and 500 XP.



  1. The first hazard follows the antechamber at the very entrance of the Pyramid. Here, players are met with a bubbling pit of lava with multiple pillars. Contact with lava will result in instant death.
  2. The second hazard immediately follows the first, consisting of a large platform with various pressure plates that, when stepped upon, will drop spikes upon any players directly beneath them. Pressure plates bear resemblance to the ground, the only distinguishable feature being that they are not level with it. Being caught under the spikes results in instant death.
  3. The third hazard contains a narrow walkway with three swinging spike balls attached to the ceiling via chains that inflict a great deal of damage upon making contact with a player.
  4. The fourth hazard consists of a platform with two flamethrower traps on the right wall that alternate on and off. Contact with the expelled flame will deal continuous, substantial damage (which increases the closer the player is to the emitter) and blackens their skin in any afflicted areas.
  5. The fifth hazard consists of another lava pit with pillars similar to the first obstacle.
  6. The sixth and final hazard holds a large, winding ramp that leads directly to the vault. Neon-orange balls spawn at the top of the ramp and roll down in a random fashion, with contact resulting in heavy damage to the player. Touching the orange balls will blacken any limb that touches them.


Following the final hazard, the vault is accessible, containing gold, gems, chests, coffins, and Anubis statues. Players can collect a maximum of 15 Treasure (30 with the VIP game pass). Each treasure is worth 500Cash.png.

Death Ray

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A chest can be found on the left of the Pyramid's vault which can be interacted with to obtain the Golden Key. This key can be used at Cluckdonalds to obtain the Death Ray.


  • It lacked functionality when initially added in Season 2 as its door was blocked by rubble. Later on, it projected a light beam into the sky that would lift players and vehicles which came in contact up into the sky and then drop them. At this point, the rubble blocking the door was beginning to crack.
  • Any flying abilities, including the Jetpack, are disabled in the Pyramid.
  • A player can negate the effects of being burned by equipping any hero or villain power.
  • Some remains of the old city building after the May 9th, 2020 Live Event can be found in this location.
  • The Pyramid is one of two major heists that has not had a revamp, the other being the Tram.