Raven is one of the three villain powers. They were introduced in Season 4. Raven's ability is to rapidly fire dark purple orbs otherwise referred to as Darkness. Darkness has 40 capacity and deals 10 damage per shot.

When sprinting, a shrill bird's call can be heard as Raven turns into a purple flame, heightening the player's jump and increasing their speed. This sprint ability is drained over its usage and must recharge. Additionally, Raven's sprint ability is deactivated when in contact with water. Raven cannot use the Jetpack.


  • Raven appears similar to the Fortnite skin of the same name.
  • The Darkness ability is shared with the hero Vanta, but Raven deals 10 damage and has a higher clip size of 40 compared to Vanta’s 8 damage and a clip of 10.
  • Equipping the Raven ability will cause the player's accessories to disappear, much like Titan.
  • The Jetpack remains visible while sprinting as Raven.


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