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The Raygun is a tertiary projectile-based weapon that can be obtained from red crate drops.

It fires fast green orbs with rings trailing behind it. When an orb makes contact with a solid surface, it deals 35 damage to all players in a small radius. It has a magazine size of 8 and a fire rate of 0.182 seconds, giving it one of the highest overall damage outputs in the game.


  • It appears to be based on the Ray Gun from the Call of Duty series, however the firing sound comes from its MK II variant.
  • Previously, the Raygun was the only item obtainable from red crates, later followed by the Minigun, Pistol-S, UZI-S, Tear Gas, and Riot Shield.
  • The mesh for the gun itself was uploaded by nic10telf on November 6th, 2018, less than two months from the game's release.[1]