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The Reindeer Boss was a boss added in the December 25th, 2020 update. Upon defeat, players could choose either Sleigher or the Shredder as their reward. If a player defeated it a second time, they would respawn and receive the alternative vehicle. The boss event was removed on February 4th, 2021.

Initiating the Fight

Main article: Generator Battery

Batteries can be found in preset locations on the shorelines throughout the map. They are used to restore 50 power to the generator in Easter Isle, which, upon reaching 500 power, will unlock the event. A purple circle near the generator can be stood upon to activate a countdown, which, upon reaching zero, will teleport a maximum of ten players standing on it to the event.

Before the boss fight takes place, players are tasked with scaling a wintery mountain that is littered with Elf Cores which spawn evil elves until they are taken down. Many areas of the mountain appear to be plagued with the same purple corruption that is currently overtaking part of the city.

Once all surviving players ascend to the summit and reach a cage, they will be met by Defaultos, who reveals their plan to to take over Roblox (starting with Mad City) and then the world. Defaultos claims it is not yet time for the player and them to fight, before transforming the reindeer into a mutant, initiating the final battle.


The Reindeer Boss has five attacks that are chosen at random, and are listed below:

  • Bite - The Reindeer Boss chomps at the air, summoning flying teeth that lock onto players. If a player makes a set of teeth touch the Reindeer Boss, they will be stunned, becoming vulnerable for the players' attacks.
  • Earthquake - The Reindeer Boss creates two shockwaves that damage players.
  • Tornados - The Reindeer Boss will summon tornados that deal damage and trip players.
  • Reindeer Blaster - Two reindeer heads will appear consecutively, spawning and targeting a single player before playing an audio cue and firing a laser at them from their mouths.
  • Elf Core Regeneration - This attack respawns any elf cores that were destroyed and is passively used after a few seconds of an elf core being destroyed.



  • You see a ski resort area and some odd looking elves. You push forward to follow the path.
  • You take the path to the left to go up the mountain.
  • You see a beautiful waterfall in front of you, it fills you with determination to reach the top of the mountain.
  • You take the path to your right to continue up the mountain.
  • You overlook a pond and see some familiar faces; it fills you with determination.
  • You take the path to the right and go into the ski lodge ahead.
  • The outlook over the mountain amazes you of how far you've come. It fills you with determination.
  • You choose to go left and avoid the strange looking cave.
  • You find a long and windy path leading up to the top of the mountain. You are determined to reach the top.
  • You reach the top of the mountain. You choose to take the cave to the right instead of the summit on the left.
  • You see a cage connecting to a hole at the top of the mountain. It fills you with determination to reach the top.

Taking the incorrect routes

  • You follow the path up the mountain, not the cave to the right.
  • Now is no time to rest, you have a mission to do.
  • You need to learn to follow my rules. You're not in charge here.
  • You have no power here. Letyour friend rest.[sic]

Boss Stage (Before Fight)

  • Defaultos: Ah, you have finally found me. Surely you know who I am at this point.
  • Defaultos: I, Defaultos, will be the one to take over Roblox!
  • Defaultos: I was leading you to this point so far. You have fallen into my trap, and I will not let you stop me from accomplishing my mission.
  • Defaultos: I will take over this website, starting with the game Mad City. Once I take over this game, I will take over the site and then the world!
  • Defaultos: You are the only ones who even had a chance of coming against my power. I am inevitable, and no silly amounts of determination can defeat me.
  • Defaultos: Oh... You want to fight me? Now is not our time, but if you are itching for a fight, you can have one.
  • Defaultos: Now my minions, get rid of these players once and for all!

Boss Stage (During Fight)

On the Reindeer Boss using the Bite attack

  • ???: Quickly! Run into him while he does the bite attack! You can use it against him!

On the Reindeer Boss being vulnerable

  • ???: Quick, shoot him now!


  • I knew you would be no match for me...


  • Congratulations on your short term victory, but I will be back. This only stalls the inevitable, I will accomplish my mission. Until we meet again, player.


  • This was the only boss to have two rewards.
  • Before the boss fight, a portal housed by a cave can be entered to show a shortened version of the Aether cutscene displayed to players who completed the Red House Mystery event.
  • Its Reindeer Blaster attack appears to be a direct reference to Gaster Blasters from Undertale.
    • The recurring theme of "determination" in the quotes may also reference Undertale.
  • The mystery "???" character has violet text.
  • The completion and failure texts, presumably spoken by Defaultos, are the only lines spoken by them that does not begin with "Defaultos:".
  • Moving cable cars was a sign there is an ongoing boss battle.