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Rykou is a Villain added in the March 20th, 2020 update. His weapon and abilities match the classic ninja archetype commonly seen in films and other games.


Ninja Stars

Rykou's main weapon is the Ninja Stars. They are projectiles thrown out in bursts of 3 - similar to the Famas - and 40 of them can be thrown before needing to be reloaded. The stars deal 20 damage per hit.

Super Jump

Rykou has the ability to super-jump by pressing the jump button twice in quick succession. This is an ability shared with Proton and Archer.


While sprinting, Rykou turns invisible, runs much faster, and jumps higher. As with other quicker heroes, this ability is finite, meaning it will eventually be depleted and return the player to the default sprint speed - although this ability does recharge over time.


  • It appears to be based on Marvel Superhero Ronin.
  • Rykou is the third villain-specific power to be added to the game.
  • Their ninja stars' burst throwing and green trail may reference the character Genji from the game Overwatch.
  • Their name may be a deliberate misspelling of the name "Ryuko" (龍子) which is a combination of the Japanese words for "Dragon" (Ryu,竜) and "Child" (Ko,子).
  • Despite their character render depicting them as carrying a katana on their back, having a kunai, and wearing a balaclava, no such accessories are added upon equipping his power.
  • Rykou was revealed a full week before the update along with Archer in a teaser image posted by Schwifty Studios on Twitter.
  • His ninja stars are reloaded instantly upon pressing "R", making Rykou, along with Archer, the first weapon to have an instantaneous reload time, and the second to not have a reloading animation, the first being Titan.
  • Rykou’s name was formerly “Ninja” in the Mad City Test server.