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This article is about the vehicle. You may be looking for the game pass of the same name.

The SWAT is a premium six-seater land vehicle. It can only be driven by players with the SWAT game pass, which costs 300Robux. It can seat up to six players, and has bulletproof tires. It used to spawn in the Police Base parking lot next to the blue Camaro until the Dominator replaced its spawn location.

Its performance is overall similar to that of the Camaro, only having slightly superior stats compared to it.


  • It appears to be based on the Lenco BearCat.
  • The SWAT is the first vehicle to have bulletproof tires, the second being the Rhino and third being the O66-Terminator.
    • Unlike the Rhino and O66-Terminator, shooting the SWAT's tires still show hit marks and its tires are able to be popped by police spikes.
  • Along with the G Wagon, it has the most seats out of any land vehicle in the game, with others only going up to four.
    • Of the two, the SWAT is slower than the G Wagon, making it the slowest six-seater vehicle in the game.
  • Players seated in the top hatch cannot use anything in their inventory while in it.
  • It is the only vehicle that can only be obtained by buying a game pass.