Season 4 was the fourth season. It started on August 24th, 2019, and ended on December 25th, 2019 lasting a total of 123 days.


As players rank up, they will be granted rewards specific to the ongoing season. There were a total of 20 rewards obtainable in Season 4.

Reward Rank Required Image
Red Iron Vehicle Skin Rank 5
Red Iron.png
NXT Camo TEC-9 Skin Rank 10
NXT Camo.png
Blue Zebra Vehicle Skin Rank 15
Blue Zebra.png
Redlined MP5 Skin Rank 20
Gear Rim Rank 25
Rover Rank 30
Oval Spoiler Rank 35
Fracture Vehicle Skin Rank 40
Jaywalk Emote Rank 45
Buzz Vehicle Skin Rank 50
C Rim Rank 55
Monster Truck Rank 60
Monster Truck2.png
Race Stack Spoiler Rank 65
Race Stack.png
White Lightning AK47 Skin Rank 70
White Lightning.png
Pike Rim Rank 75
NXT Camo Vehicle Skin Rank 80
NXT Camo Vehicle Skin.png
Asiimov Sniper Skin Rank 85
Boneless Emote Rank 90
Fractal Vehicle Skin Rank 95
UFO Rank 100


Update One: August 24th, 2019

  • The map has been updated.
    • There are four new locations; the Hero Base, Villain Lair, Military Base, and Atlantis.
    • The Military Base now houses the Patriot and Rhino.
    • The destroyed buildings from last season, including the Cafe, have been replaced with buildings that are inaccessible.
    • Various city buildings have been updated.
  • The lighting engine has been changed to shadowmap.
  • The Villain team has been added.
    • Picking up a Crystal as a criminal or prisoner will now cause the player to join the Villain team. Villains respawn at the Villain Base if they have not been recently damaged by an enemy.
    • A new Villain, Raven, has been added.
    • Phantom has become a Villain, and thus can no longer be accessed from the Hero Base.
      • A question mark now occupies Phantom's previous location in the Hero Base. (This would later be occupied by Archer in Season 5.)
  • Many Hero abilities have been reworked.
    • Proton now has a double jump ability that can be activated on a cooldown that replaces the previous flying ability. The laser attack has been modified to deal twelve damage but has an increased fire rate and ammo capacity, functioning similar to the Death Ray.
    • Vanta now allows players with the ability to move much faster and turn almost completely invisible while sprinting. This ability drains over time, and eventually, players will only be able to do it in short bursts unless they wait for it to recharge. The ability no longer allows flight.
    • Voltron now turns into a ball of electricity while sprinting, enabling users to run much faster and jump higher, although, much like Vanta, this ability drains over time and cannot be used indefinitely. In turn, their flying ability has been removed.
    • Frostbite's ice now has a heavily increased rate of fire. The flight ability has been replaced with an ice path that stays beneath the player's feet that is activated while sprinting, also causing players to run faster.
  • The Power Plant has exploded and destroyed the Testing Lab, spilling toxic green goo and corrupting terrain in its vicinity. The road has been haphazardly scrapped back together with the addition of two ramps.
    • There are also various small changes around the map, including a oil rig near the Criminal Base, and a tower built on top of the Volcano.
  • There are now more Prisoner NPCs around the Prison that promote Game Passes when interacted with.
  • More searchable containers can be found around the Prison.
  • There is a new code; S34Z4N4

Update Two: September 7th, 2019

  • The Falcon, Cruiser, and Smart have been added.
  • The M32 Grenade Launcher has also been added along with the Machete.
    • The M32 Grenade Launcher can be purchased for 5,000Cash.png.
  • There are also some gameplay changes.
    • The Tear Gas and Riot Shield can no longer be found in red crates and are purchasable for 4,000Cash.png in the Police Base.
    • The Grenade throw speed has been increased to three seconds and its damage per hit has been increased to 80.
  • Some vehicles have been relocated or removed.
    • The Helicopter on the Hospital parking lot has been removed.
    • The Nero has been moved from the Casino parking lot to the Car Dealership, replacing the Tracer.
    • The Tracer, Inferno, and GTR were removed from the Car Dealership and moved to the Police Base Parking Lot.
    • The Stingray was moved to the Criminal Base parking Lot.
    • The ATV, 911, and Shelby are now in the parking lot west of the Criminal Base, along with the Smart.

Update Three: September 15th, 2019

  • A melee weapon has been added; the Lazerblade.
    • To obtain it, a player must use the Silver Key to unlock a crate in the Military Base.
    • The Lazerblade is capable of deflecting bullets.
  • The Light Bike has been added.
  • Four VIP Server Admin Commands have been added.
    • /tazer trips a player in a fashion similar to being struck by the Taser.
    • /jetpack gives the player a jetpack.
    • /msg sends everyone in the VIP server a message.
    • /character changes a player's avatar to that of a specified player.
  • Jet-type aerial vehicles (ones that constantly move forward while active) can now only be powered on/off on the ground.
  • Weapons and powers have received balancing changes.

Update Four: October 11th, 2019

  • A boss has been added; Cluck Daddy.
    • When defeated, he will reward the Invader.
    • His arena is inside the Military Base. A maximum of four players can enter the boss battle.
  • Flying saucers can be seen hovering over the Military Base.
  • The Body Armor now costs 6,000Cash.png.
  • The Grenade now takes two seconds to explode.
  • The Minigun now does 10 damage.
  • The time which the Nighthawk takes to fully lock-on has been decreased.
  • The time which the Buzzard takes to fully lock-on has been increased.

Update Five: November 30th, 2019

  • Cash prices have been reduced by 50%.
  • The Bank and Casino have been revamped.
  • Ziplines have been added throughout the map.
  • The Bullet Super Car Pack has been added.
  • The Cluck Daddy boss battle has been removed.
  • The UFOs were removed from the Military Base.
  • Atlantis has been consumed by a giant whirlpool.

Hotfix: December 7th, 2019

  • The Bullet Super Car pack is no longer available.

Update Six: December 15th, 2019

  • Two land vehicles have been added: the Cyber Truck and Cyber Quad.
  • A boss has been added; Star Lord.
  • Atlantis has been reconstructed (albeit with a new and overall smaller appearance) and the whirlpool has disappeared.
    • This is where players can make offerings using Star Crystals to initiate the battle against Star Lord.
  • A new item - Star Crystals - have been added, spawning in various locations around the map.
  • Vehicle physics have been updated. They now respond more dynamically to the environment, are more prone to flipping, and are overall more susceptible to gravity.
    • Various ramps around the map have been made smaller to help accommodate for the physics update.
  • Grass has been added around the map.


  • Season 4 had the most vehicle rewards out of any Season with a total of three.
  • Season 4 was the only season to introduce a new team.
  • It was the first season to introduce a purchasable weapon.
  • On October 24th, 2019, the game's description claimed that the weekend after that day would be players' final opportunity to defeat Cluck Daddy, but the game was not updated until November 30th, 2019.
  • It is the only Season to have two boss battles.


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