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Season 5 was the fifth season. It started on December 25th, 2019, and ended on April 5th, 2020, lasting a total of 102 days.


As players rank up, they will be granted rewards specific to the ongoing Season. These rewards are unobtainable after the season ends. There are a total of 20 standard rewards obtainable in Season 5, and five secret rewards (the animated skins), adding to 25 total rewards.

Reward Rank Required Image
Snow Vehicle Skin Rank 5
Green Wrap TEC-9 Skin Rank 10
Peppermint Vehicle Skin Rank 15
Sweater MP5 Skin Rank 20
Snowball Rims Rank 25
Toothpaste Vehicle Skin Rank 30
Candy Cane Wings Spoiler Rank 35
Sunset Vehicle Skin Rank 40
Hotline Bling Emote Rank 45
Snow Mobile Rank 50
Candy Canes Rims Rank 55
Giant Wing Spoiler Rank 60
Snowflakes Vehicle Skin Rank 65
Sunrise Sniper Skin Rank 70
Snowflake Rims Rank 75
Sweater Vehicle Skin Rank 80
Paintvex AK47 Skin Rank 85
Fresh Emote Rank 90
Frozen Vehicle Skin Rank 95
Rocket Sled Rank 100
Animated Hex Vehicle Skin Rank 150
Animated hex icon.png
Animated Blue Snow Vehicle Skin Rank 200
Animated blue snow.png
Animated Ugly Sweater Vehicle Skin Rank 300
Animated ugly sweater.gif
Animated Red Snow Vehicle Skin Rank 400
Animated red snow.gif
Animated Ice Vehicle Skin Rank 500
Animated ice.gif


Update One: December 25th, 2019

  • The map has been covered in snow and the water has frozen. Icebergs and ice sculptures of ramps can be seen on the frozen water.
    • This makes sea vehicles unusable.
      • All sea vehicles have been removed from the map due to this.
    • Some structures have changed colors, such as the exterior of the Pyramid becoming blue and the Volcano's spilled lava turning a neon blue.
    • Strangely, the Cargo Ship is unaffected by the ice.
    • The hangar where the Thunderbird and Overdrive are located is now wooden.
    • The remains of the Testing Lab explosion have been removed.
      • The nuclear waste was still there, although there are two pond-like and they have the same color of the lava of the volcano.
    • Snowman decorations have been added throughout the map.
    • Much of the grass and other terrain has been changed to blue.
    • In general, the map's color palette has been turned to blue and white.
  • A G Wagon Pack and skins pack have been added.
    • They are confirmed to be limited.
  • The Cyber Truck Pack has been moved to outside of the Prison.
  • The House Heist at Paradise Pier is now parallel to the Mini's spawn location.
  • The AWP and RPG have an ice texture on the weapon racks.
    • It is not a purchasable weapon skin, nor does the texture transfer to the player's inventory.
  • XP requirements to rank up are double that of what they used to be prior to this season, and XP packs have decreased in price as well.

Update Two: January 6th, 2020

  • Police Dogs now slow down players instead of stunning them.
    • Adopting one will add a whistle to the player's inventory. This is used to command the dog to attack a Criminal or Villain.

Update Three: January 11th, 2020

  • Owned vehicles can now be labeled as "favorites," appearing at the top of the vehicle spawn menu on the Phone.

Update Four: January 24th, 2020

Update Five: January 27th, 2020

  • Three new vehicle skins have been added, two of which are unlockable.
    • The code 0N3Y34R can now be unlocked to obtain the Birthday Fireworks vehicle skin.
  • A new fireworks event will now occur at seemingly random intervals.
    • Players who are in the server when the event starts will be rewarded with the Birthday Cake vehicle skin.

Update Six: February 1st, 2020

  • The fireworks event has been removed and will no longer occur.
  • The Infinity Truck Pack has been added.
  • The T150, Widowmaker, and Firestorm have been added.
  • A weapon has been added; the Frost Gun.
  • Two Apartments have been added, one being free and the other costing 100,000Cash.png.
  • Owners of the VIP game pass now receive the Stratosphere skin.
  • Nitrous now regenerates automatically in most vehicles.
  • The ferris wheel music that was present at the Criminal Base during Season 1 was readded.
  • Star Lord and Atlantis have been removed.
  • The Cyber Truck Pack, G Wagon Pack, and Skins Pack have been removed.

Update Seven: Feburary 10th, 2020

  • Players can now complete challenges for XP, skins, and vehicles.
  • Players can now rank up beyond Rank 100.
    • Rank indicators for players that are Rank 100 or higher are blue stars with snow on top of them.
  • The rewards app on the Phone has been renamed to Missions.
  • Some lasers have been removed from the Casino.
  • Trees have been added throughout the map, as well as food trucks and other structures at the Criminal Base.
  • The codes RealKreek, Napkin, 5K37CH, and KraoESP have been added, which can be redeemed for the KreekCraft, NapkinNate, Sk3tchYT, and KraoESP skins, respectively.

Update Eight: February 25th, 2020

  • The ways that weapons work have been changed.
    • The “hipfire” mode allows weapons to be used at normal movement speed while allowing a wider view while firing.
    • Weapons with scopes can be fired without using the scope.
  • A new weapon has been added; the Famas.
  • The Cargo Plane and Cargo Ship now have map icons.
  • The majority of the heists have been revamped in their way of earning money.
    • Breaking the glass cases in the Jewelry Store give diamonds, of which a player can hold a maximum of 30.
    • The Casino's vault has lockers that can be opened to get cash.
    • The Nightclub's vault has diamonds and stacks of cash that can be stolen.
    • The Pyramid's vault has gold statues of Anubis and the diamonds and gold bars can now be stolen, as well as the Anubis statues and staves. A player can hold a maximum of 15 treasures.
    • When entering the Cargo Plane, crates will be scattered in which players must hold "E" to open. Players are also automatically given a Crowbar upon entering the Cargo Plane. A crate will give players a weapon, and a player can hold a maximum of 5 weapons.
  • When robbing, players now hold a bag when earning cash from a heist, preventing them from punching.
    • However, the bag will disappear while a player is holding an item.

Update Nine: March 20th, 2020

  • A hero and villain have been added: Archer and Rykou, respectively.
  • The Airport has been revamped.
  • Week 6 challenges have been added.
    • Completing every weekly challenge will give the player the Porsche.
  • An NPC has been added inside of the Criminal Base.
    • Talking to him allows criminals to customize their masks and bags.
  • The Cobra has been added.
  • The map has been reverted to its state prior to the beginning of Season 5.
    • Some structures still retain their blue color from the winter map, however.
    • The volcano's terrain is now gray stone with a grassy surface as opposed to being completely black.
    • The two pond-like nuclear wastes were removed.
  • The code D1$C0 can now be used to obtain the Disco vehicle skin.

Update Ten: March 27th, 2020

  • Any XP earned is doubled until April 4th, 2020.


  • Taymaster initially told users on Twitter that Season 5 would be released along with player homes,[1] although backtracked on that statement and delayed their release "to make sure they are actually good".[2]
  • The player housing update was initially planned for the weekend of January 18th, 2020.[3]
    • The date was later narrowed down to the 18th,[4] however, it was delayed once again, the only confirmation on its date being that it would not be delayed a full week (which was later fulfilled, evading a week-long delay by one day).[5]
  • The Pyramid's door will turn gold-colored when closed as opposed to sticking to its new, white color.
  • The secret animated skins are not listed in the Season Rewards. They were added retrospectively in the February 10th, 2020 update.