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Season 6 was the sixth season. It started on April 5th, 2020 and ended on October 10th, 2020, lasting a total of 188 days.


As players rank up, they will be granted rewards specific to the ongoing season. These rewards are made unobtainable after the season ends.

Reward Rank Required Image
Purple Dots Vehicle Skin Rank 5
Purple Dots Vehicle Skin.png
Blue Flag MP5 Skin Rank 10
Blue Flag MP5 Skin.png

Blue Spirals Vehicle Skin

Rank 15
Blue Sprials Vehicle Skin.png
Blue Snow MP5 Skin Rank 20
Blue Snow MP5 Skin.png
Dome Rims Rank 25
Dome Rims.png
Hot Rod Vehicle Skin Rank 30
Hot Rod Vehicle Skin.png
Fixed Heightend Wing Spoiler


Rank 35
Fixed Heighted Wing Spoilers.png
Trojan Vehicle Skin Rank 40
Trojan Vehicle Skin.png
Cash Rank 45
Mercedes Rank 50
Concave Rims Rank 55
Concave Rims.png
Rocket Booster Spoiler Rank 60
Rocket Booster Spoilers.png
Purple Striker Vehicle Skin Rank 65
Purple Striker Vehicle Skin.png
Red Stripes MP5 Skin Rank 70
Red Stripes MP5 Skin.png
Mountain Rims Rank 75
Mountain Rims.png
Red Camo Vehicle Skin Rank 80
Red Camo Vehicle Skin.png
Red and Blue Hex MP5 Skin Rank 85
Red and Blue Hex MP5 Skin.png
Cash Rank 90
Tigerion Vehicle Skin Rank 95
Tigerion Vehicle Skin.png
Myron Rank 100
Animated Yellow Zebra Vehicle Skin Rank 125
Animated Yellow Zebra Vehicle Skin.png
Animated Hacker Vehicle Skin Rank 150
Animated Hacker Vehicle Skin.png
Animated Blue Triangles Vehicle Skin Rank 200
Animated Blue Triangles Vehicle Skin.png
Animated Magma Vehicle Skin Rank 250
Animated Magma Vehicle Skin.png


Update One: April 5th, 2020

  • The map has been expanded greatly, with an entire new area featuring pastel trees, floating islands, and massive painted eggs, along with various other locations.
    • A new Police Base can be found in this area, however, Police will still spawn in the other location.
  • The Egg Grenade Launcher has been added.
  • Season 5 challenges are no longer available, although when entering the challenges menu, players will be met with a screen stating that the challenges will not begin until the next week.
  • Green crates have been reworked and golden crates have been removed.
  • The windows on the city buildings are now always on as opposed to only being on during the night.
  • The old non-functional houses have been redone, along with the House Heists.

Update Two: April 6th, 2020

  • Egg Keys now spawn around the expanded map area.
  • The gazebo in the expanded map now has a Map Marker.
  • The new boss, Mech Cluckles, can be fought by bringing five eggs to the gazebo.
    • Participating in this event grants players the Invasion Egg for their Roblox avatars.
    • Defeating Mech Cluckles grants players a new vehicle; the Giotto.
  • NPC characters sporting pink bunny ears spawn inside of the various team bases to point players seeking the Invasion Egg in the right area.
  • A billboard can now be found in the expanded area that details how to obtain the Invasion Egg.

Update Three: April 21st, 2020

  • Mech Suits have been added.
    • Along with this, the /mech command has been added to VIP servers.
  • The O66-Terminator has been added.
  • A big "1B" statue with glowing lights has replaced the big tree at the park near the bank to celebrate Mad City reaching one billion visits.

Update Four: May 5th, 2020

  • A Cluckdonalds-themed stage featuring an expansive screen counting down to the forthcoming live event now occupies the majority of the park. Much of what was in it previously has been moved or replaced completely.
  • The Cargo Plane's exterior was revamped, with landing gears, no windows, and it has rotors instead of engines.
  • Week 1 and "Week 3" challenges have been added.
  • A flashing red button has been added to the upstairs desk in the Criminal Base.

Update Five: May 9th, 2020

  • A live event took place at 12:00 PM EST.
    • Cluckles, Kua Kua, and Star Lord terrorized the city with every hero and villain trying to thwart them. After failing to do so, the rocket from the Criminal Base was launched to defeat the three bosses, consequently destroying the city and causing the majority of the map to be revamped.
  • The Mech Cluckles battle has been removed along with the Gazebo and egg keys.
  • The colorful eggs on the islands that hosted the Mech Cluckles boss have been removed.
  • A new code, "Ryguy", has been added. It rewards the Ryguy's Skin.

Update Six: May 17th, 2020

  • The skybox has been replaced.
  • Atmospheric fog has been added.
    • This was an unintentional addition and was briefly removed.[1]
  • The Gemini insignia on the Gemini Car Dealership has been removed. It is now a plain, black diamond shape.

Update Seven: June 13th, 2020

  • The Tram has been added.
  • Atmospheric lighting has been re-added.
  • The night time now features a different skybox.
  • Depth-of-field has been added.
  • A new Criminal Base has been added, and the previous one was moved to the expanded map area.
  • Two vehicles have been added: the R150 and Road Blazer.
  • The Camaro, Tracer, and Challenger have been remodeled slightly.
  • Police can now spawn in the Easter Isle Police Base.
  • The Shotgun's maximum damage has been decreased, the SPAS's maximum damage and clip size have been increased, and the UZI-S's damage has been increased.
  • Criminals now have the ability to free other arrested criminals.
  • Police can no longer send criminals back to prison by killing.

Update Eight: June 30th, 2020

  • Mech Suits have been disabled in public and private servers.

Update Nine: July 12th, 2020

  • Game modes have been added. Three currently exist, which include Gun Game, Team Deathmatch, and Hide n Seek.
  • The apps in the Phone have been rearranged and a Modes app has been added.
  • Mech Suits have been re-added.
  • The Military Base has been moved to Easter Isle.
  • Several badges have been made obtainable.

Update Ten: July 26th, 2020

  • The Hyper Glider has been added.
  • A new minimap has been added in the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  • Player downing has been added which activates upon a player's health reaching 0. It will slow down the player, make them crawl, set their health to 50, and will kill them after 30 seconds of being downed unless a teammate revives them.
    • Players will not be downed if they are killed by a melee weapon or an environmental hazard.
  • Turrets have been added to the Night Rider, dealing 10 damage and will overheat after continuous shooting.
  • Bikes can now regenerate nitro.
  • Cash and rank leaderboards have been added.
  • The code “datbrian” has been added and can be redeemed for the DatBrian skin.

Hotfix: July 27th, 2020

  • Some objects now render dynamically to reduce render lag.

Update Eleven: August 1st, 2020

  • Weather has been implemented.
  • More optimization changes.

Update Twelve: August 9th, 2020

  • Criminal dogs have been added, as well as a steak item in the Warehouse Criminal Base.
  • Dogs are now able to stun enemy players again and no longer require a whistle for them to attack.
  • "Week 5" challenges have been added.

Patch: August 13th, 2020

  • New anti-exploit system.
    • Auto-bans are now in effect.

Update Thirteen: August 17th, 2020

  • A hat rack has been added to the Police Base and Warehouse Criminal Base.
    • Talking to the dog NPCs standing near them allows a player to customize their dog hats.
  • Dogs can now rank up by being fed treats.

Update Fourteen: August 29th, 2020

  • Three game modes have been added: Infection, Murder, and Target.

Update Fifteen: August 31st, 2020

  • The code "100KCash" has been added, which had an expiry time of 24 hours. It could have been redeemed for 100,000Cash.png.
  • "Week 7" challenges have been added.

Update Sixteen: September 10th, 2020

  • "Week 9" and "Week 11" challenges have been added.

Update Seventeen: September 13th, 2020

  • The Prison and Police Base have been revamped.
  • Additional escaping methods for prisoners have been added.
  • Prisoners can now perform jobs at the prison for cash and XP.

Update Eighteen: September 19th, 2020

  • The code "0MGC0D3" has been added, which can be redeemed for the Green Dots vehicle skin.
  • The Adversary has been added.
  • The Challenger's speed was slightly increased.[2]

Update Nineteen: September 27th, 2020

  • Any XP earned is doubled until Season 7 begins.

Update Twenty: October 3rd, 2020

  • The code "BILLYBOUNCE" has been added, which can be redeemed for the Billy Bounce emote.


  • The update was originally planned to release during the week of March 29th, 2020.[3] However, after a developer fell behind on an update, the scheduled date was pushed back to April 4th,[4] although it would not actually be released until April 5th.
  • It is the second season that has no emote rewards.
  • According to FamedChris on Twitter, the game's involvement in the Egg Hunt event caused a delay of updates.[5]
    • Mad City did not participate in the RB Battles Championship event for this reason.