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Season 7 is the seventh season. It started on October 10th, 2020, and ended on July 23rd, 2022. It lasted a total of 652 days.


As players rank up, they will be granted rewards specific to the ongoing season. These rewards are made unobtainable after the season ends.

Reward Rank Required Image
Tesla Vehicle Skin Rank 5
Tron MP5 Skin Rank 10
Rank 10 mp5 skin.png
Red Circuit Vehicle Skin Rank 15
Red circuit s7.png
Red Circuito MP5 Skin Rank 20
Rank 20 mp5 skin.png
Terminator Rims Rank 25
Terminator rims.png
Rainbow Wave Vehicle Skin Rank 30
Rainbow wave.png
Mad City Spoiler Spoiler[sic] Rank 35
Mc spoiler.png
Purple Laser Vehicle Skin Rank 40
Purple laser.png
Distraction Dance Emote Rank 45
Rank 45 emote.png
Diablo Rank 50
Rank 50 vehicle.png
Forcefield Rims Rank 55
Green Circuit Vehicle Skin Rank 60
Green circuit.png
Purple Circuit Vehicle Skin Rank 65
Purple circuit.png
Red Stripes MP5 Skin Rank 70
Rank 70 mp5 skin.png
Core Rims Rank 75
Orange Circuit Vehicle Skin Rank 80
Orange circuit.png
Polka Dots MP5 Skin Rank 85
Rank 85 mp5 skin.png
Say So Emote Rank 90
Rank 90 emote.png
Neon Sign Vehicle Skin Rank 95
Neon sign.png
Archangel Rank 100
Rank 100 vehicle.png
Animated Thermawaves Rank 125
Animated thermalwaves.gif
Animated Racer Rank 150
Animated racer.gif
Animated Galaxy Waves Rank 200
Animated thermalwaves.gif
Animated Magma Hex Rank 250
Animated Magma Hex.gif


Update One: October 10th, 2020

  • Various decorations have been added throughout the map, such as statues of Heroes and a neon Mad City logo.
  • The Adversary has been removed.

Update Two: October 26th, 2020

  • The Wraith has been added.
    • Fragments fall from the sky at the map expansion for unlocking the Wraith.
  • The map has been changed to a fall theme.
  • The Adversary has been re-added.

Update Three: November 8th, 2020

  • A building behind the Casino has been covered in purple cracked lava.
  • The 911 and Avenger received minor design changes.

Update Four: November 16th, 2020

  • The Wraith is now unobtainable.
  • The Vapid and GTR received minor design changes.
  • More buildings have been covered in purple cracked lava.

Update Five: November 23rd, 2020

  • The Plane and Cobra received minor design changes.

Update Six: December 4th, 2020

  • The Dominator and Smart received minor design changes.
  • More buildings have been covered in purple cracked lava.

Update Seven: December 25th, 2020

  • The map is now winter-themed, sharing similarities with the winter map in Season 5.
    • However, the water is not frozen, allowing sea vehicles to be spawned unlike before.
    • Ziplines were removed.
    • Thunderstorms have been replaced by snow.
  • The Cargo Plane now drops gifts.
  • A Christmas event has been added, which can reward either the Sleigher of the Shredder upon completion, depending on the player's choice.

Update Eight: January 7th, 14th, and 27th, 2021

  • The Skek billboard was re-added, and it was now relocated near the Tram. An Easter Egg related to them was also added.[1]
    • January 7th: One Skek in a mountain, near the Airport.
    • January 14th: Ten Skeks were scattered along the map.[2]
    • January 27th: Three mini Frosties were also added across the map.[3]

Update Nine: February 4th 2021

Update Ten: May 27th, 2021

  • The iconic Mad City intro upon joining in the game was re-added.
  • The skybox has been changed for the third time.
  • Numerous map changes, aside from reverting them to its original state.
    • Ziplines were re-enabled after they removed temporarily in the December 25th, 2020 update.
    • The Skek billboard and Easter Eggs were removed.
    • The Prison now features a metal detector and the sliding door exit has been blocked off by a door that requires a lockpick to open. The area that leads to the gate in the SWAT area was also blocked off by a double door that requires a Keycard to access them.
    • A massive cloud of purple smoke has completely enveloped and destroyed the Easter Isle. Locations like the Gemini Car Dealership and Easter Isle Café are now inaccessible.
    • An inaccessible bunker added near the Pyramid.
    • Orange cones were added in the entrance of Pyramid and Bank.
    • A hard hat and a hammer can be seen in the Bank's entrance.
    • Bolts of purple electricity shoot towards the Villain Lair's tower. The orange sphere on the top spire has been replaced with a rotating purple relic. The lava near the crater became purple.
    • Three notes were added in the map:
    • Numerous inoperative construction vehicles can be found in the map.

Update Eleven: November 14th, 2021

  • The admingun, seekergun, sheriffdeagle, bowarrow, infectedknife, repulsor, and ninjastar commands have been added to private servers.

Update Twelve: March 22th, 2022

  • Sounds and emote music in the game were changed.
    • This is happen after Roblox announced some changes on using and uploading Sounds assets that can be used in every game, including Mad City.[5]
    • As for the recent changes in the audio by Roblox, the Vehicle Radio game pass went off-sale until further notice. For some players who already have the said game pass, they can still use the radio, but with the Custom audio over 6 seconds will no longer work. Compensations in various forms will be given to them in the Chapter 2 game.[6]
  • The purple corruption and purple lava are spreading across the volcano. There are two clear tank containers collecting the lava on them.
    • The Villain Lair's tower in the crater is destroyed after the purple relic on the top grows bigger, and some remains of them are floating near them.
    • A small research tower at the top of the bunker, next to the Pyramid was added.
      • The bunker interior has an elevator platform that leads to the portal, but it is not yet functioning and the portal is also inaccessible until the next Live Event.
    • An opened window in the old yellow city building (which is one of the remains from the first Live Event) inside is a hospital hallway. One of the hospital rooms is open and has purple corruption with a computer flashed with a message in the screen "The Worlds are Colliding".
    • Purple clouds behind the map are expanded from the Prison to the Warehouse Criminal Base (with the exception of the lighthouse).
  • The Schwifty Studios building, just next to the Nightclub has an interior, but it is currently inaccessible.
  • Daytime and nighttime in-game were longer unlike before due to the bug.
    • This was fixed less than 24 hours after the update.

Update Thirteen: July 11th, 2022 [7]

  • New purple clouds in the sky.
  • The fog has enclaved Mad City.
  • Flare near the bunker.
  • New notes has been added in the bunker and research area:
    • On the bunker: "I fear we are too late... the end is coming..."
    • On the top of the research area: "We have intercepted a signal, whatever or whoever it is coming from has compromised our monitoring systems. Whatever this is, is not from the world."
  • The computer at the research area are now red with two new messages:
    • "Your world will be mine."
    • "Nothing is going to save you."
  • Noticeable volcano changes.
  • The satellite used for transmission are now tuned to a different direction and now emitting red wave particles, instead of white.

Update Fourteen: July 21th, 2022

  • A countdown timer added for the Chapter 2 Live Event added on the Pyramid, where the Bunker and Research Area situated.
  • New notes added on the top of the Research Area:
    • This is the end... our machines have calculated the exact time that the mysterious source of power is going to explode.
    • The signal we intercepted is getting stronger which tells us that its getting closer. I believe it has everything to do with this anomaly. I'm sure of it.


  • It is currently the longest-lasting season, at over 2 years. This is because of the Chapter 2 update taking a long time to finish.
  • It is the last season of Chapter 1.
  • The "What's New?" and Challenges game UI is still displayed as Season 6, even though that season has already ended.