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The Shotgun is a close-range secondary weapon. It can be found at the Warehouse Criminal Base, Police Base, and the Gun Shop.

It has a magazine size of 6 and fires 12 pellets per shot. When reloading, one shell will be loaded at a time, and the reloading action can be interrupted to fire any loaded shells. Its damage can vary, dealing as low as 6 damage or as high as 123 depending on how many pellets struck the player and whether or not they landed in the head.


  • It appears to be based on the real-life Winchester Model 1897.
  • The Shotgun is one of the few weapons that can be found at all general weapon locations.
  • The Shotgun is one of the two weapons that fire more than one bullet at once, with the other being the SPAS.
    • By extension, they are the only two weapons that deal bonus damage by landing hits on the head.