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The Snow Mobile is a limited single-seater land vehicle that could be obtained by reaching Rank 50 during Season 5.

It has mediocre speed but excellent handling. It also has special tracks instead of wheels, and as a result cannot be disabled by others shooting at them with weapons.

It has a slightly slower speed than the Cruiser, but has superior acceleration and handling compared to it.


  • Oddly enough, the Snow Mobile can be disabled if driven over police spikes, despite not having tires.
    • When the vehicle is able to move again, tires appear above the tracks.
  • Its engine sound is shared with the Invisible Boat Mobile.
  • Along with the Rocket Sled, it is the third land vehicle to have no wheels, the first and second being the Hoverboard and Light Bike, respectively.
  • When drifting, tire tracks will appear on the drifted part despite the Snow Mobile having no tires.
  • It is one of four vehicles with bulletproof tires that cannot bypass Police Spikes, alongside the SWATRhino, and the O66-Terminator.