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Star Lord was Season 4's second boss. It resided in an underwater arena located inside of Atlantis. Players would have made five offerings using Star Crystals to initiate the battle against it. Defeating Star Lord would have given any survivors the Invisible Boat Mobile. Star Lord was removed from the game in the February 1st, 2020 update in the middle of Season 5, and returned in Season 6's live event, along with Cluckles and Kua Kua.


  • Spike Floor - Sections of the floor would be highlighted red, and spikes would come out of said sections after approximately three seconds, killing players on contact.
  • Bubble Spit - Star Lord would have targeted a player and spit bubbles at them which dealt 40 damage each.
  • Electric Floor - All sections of the arena except the bottom layer would be highlighted red for three seconds before Star Lord electrocuted all players caught in the red zone.
  • Ground Pound - Star Lord would have slammed the ground on its back, causing a yellow shockwave that dealt 60 damage. This attack was often done in rapid succession.
  • Spin Attack - Star Lord would have spun at an angle and drill into the floor. Parts of the floor would turn red and sink into the water, moving inward until all that was left was the very center of the arena. After a brief period of time, the ground would begin rumbling and the arena would start to return.
  • Idle - Star Lord's facial expression changed, which removed its bubble forcefield and made itself vulnerable to attacks.


  • Stadium Rave A, also known as Jellyfish Jam from the eponymous episode of the TV series SpongeBob SquarePants could be heard while fighting Star Lord.
  • Star Lord was the first boss that was not removed with the introduction of a new season.
  • Star Lord had the most HP out of all bosses that were introduced before it.
  • Before Atlantis was destroyed, there was a smiley-faced starfish in Atlantis.
  • Players of opposing teams could not damage each other in Star Lord's arena.
  • All powers that increase movement speed were disabled during the fight.
  • It was possible to land critical hits when aiming at Star Lord's face.
  • Popping bubbles sound effects from ongoing Star Lord fights can be heard anywhere in the map.