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The Taser is a police-only weapon. It stuns Criminals, Villains, and guilty Prisoners, rendering them immobile, but does not deal any damage. It has a range of roughly 4 studs, and has a magazine size of 1. Police begin with a taser in their inventory, along with a pair of Handcuffs and a Pistol-S. Tasing a player gives 5 XP.


  • If a player is hit with a taser while leaning out of their vehicle, they will be ejected from the vehicle.
  • This weapon has a very low chance of being obtained when pickpocketing police or dropped upon their death like other items, but becomes dysfunctional when used by a Prisoner, Criminal, or Villain.
  • Unlike most weapons, if the taser is reloaded and then unequipped or switched to another item, its magazine will not be full.
  • Hitting a flying opponent using the Jetpack will only make them put away their weapon they are holding but still allow them to fly in any direction. Hitting a Villain that has a flying power that does not have a Jetpack will stop them from flying.
    • Though hitting the ground or having the Jetpack run out will leave the affected person helpless on the ground until they recover from the tase.