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The team selection GUI.

Teams are a form of player categorization, with each team yielding different perks and having unique objectives. Most teams are selected upon joining a server, and teams may be changed in-game by clicking "Teams" on their in-game Phone.

The five teams in Mad City are listed below:

Team Icon Team Name Objective Starting Items Team Color Spawn Location
Prisoner Escape from Prison or participate in the various jobs. Empty-handed Orange Prison
Police Prevent Prisoners from escaping Prison and apprehend Criminals and Villains. Pistol-S, Taser, and Handcuffs Blue Police Base
Criminal Rob Heists while avoiding being arrested. Pistol Red Warehouse Criminal Base
RobloxScreenShot20190201 112314635.png
Hero Kill Criminals and Villains with the aid of superpowers. Empty-handed Yellow Hero Base
Transparent raven.png
Villain Rob Heists while avoiding being arrested with the aid of superpowers. Pistol Purple Villain Lair



Main article: Police Base

Police can spawn in either the Police Base. Both can be used to equip weapons, cash in heists, change clothes, and to view the bounty board, although neither are protected from enemy players as they are capable of entering them through various means.


Main article: Criminal Base

Criminals respawn in Warehouse Criminal Base. Here, they (as well as Villains) are protected from players of enemy teams, can equip weapons, cash in heists, and change clothes.


Main article: Villain Lair

Villains respawn in the Villain Lair. Here, they can equip Villain-exclusive powers and are protected from players of enemy teams.


  • There are four other now-removed teams that were not playable through normal gameplay.
    • Three are specific to game mode participants: Team Red, Team Blue, and Neutral.
    • Anyone fighting the Reindeer Boss was assigned to the Christmas Event team, although this is no longer available.