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The Testing Lab was a building located adjacent to the Airport. At the beginning of Season 4, it was destroyed. It was an integral part of the Cluckles boss-fight in Season 2.

Before Season 4, four vehicles were located at the Testing Lab: the Thunderbird, the Rhino, the Overdrive and the Patriot. When Season 4 began, the Rhino and Patriot were relocated to the Military Base, whereas the Thunderbird and the Overdrive were relocated to the hangar where the Rhino was located prior.


Upon entering the room through the (now inactive) front door, players were met with a hallway and a teleporter at the far end of it. Once the player entered the teleporter, they were able to complete a short obstacle course consisting of several spinning lasers.

Once the course was completed, there was a small room housing a single fuel rod on a table, which could have been brought to and deposited at the Criminal Base.