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Titan is a mechanical and futuristic hero that was added in the June 9th, 2019 update. Titan's power is repulsors, which when fired will make a charging sound, and then the attack will instantly make an explosion on a surface in the power’s range. The explosion will deal 25 area of effect damage and has 4 rounds before needing to be reloaded. The power's range is comparable to that of the AWP and Sniper.

While the Titan power is equipped, jumping in midair will allow the player to fly. Equipping something else in the player's inventory, unequipping the power, or jumping while flying will stop the flight.


  • Taymaster teased Titan before its release on Twitter, stating it was the most requested hero.
  • It appears to be based on Iron Man.
    • Taymaster stating it was heavily requested may further exemplify this, considering players had been asking for a hero along the same vein as Iron Man.
  • The sound heard while flying as Titan is the same sound heard when using the Jetpack and vehicle nitro.
  • The repulsors used to deal 35 damage per hit. However, as of the September 15th, 2019 update, the damage was decreased to 25. Prior to that, it had the highest damage per second of any hero.
  • Titan is the first power to not have a recharging animation, the second being Archer and Rykou.
  • Titan is one of three flying powers, alongside Inferno and Phantom.
  • Becoming Titan will remove all of the player's accessories.