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The Tram is one of the eight primary heists available for criminals to rob. It was added in the June 13th, 2020 update. It consists of four random carriages and moves along the monorail while active. Completing this heist can reward up to 11,010Cash.png or 22,020Cash.png with the VIP game pass, and 500 XP.



The tram will start up ten minutes after becoming inactive. Once active, players can enter by opening side doors or roof hatches. It can also occasionally be accessed from the outside by walking through the gaps between each car.


The tram is made up of two inaccessible locomotives and four carriages, three of which can be any of the four layouts while one is always guaranteed to be a Passenger Carriage. The cash earnings for each carriage listed below is doubled for players with the VIP game pass.

  • Passenger Carriage: Can be accessed through a hatch or one of two side doors. On its interior are a set of chairs with three stacks of cash scattered across them, rewarding 170Cash.png each. A total of 510Cash.png can be obtained in this carriage.
  • Computer Carriage: The computer carriage has blue walls, tables, and four computers that can be hacked for 375Cash.png each. A hatch is also present on the roof. A total of 1500Cash.png could be obtained from this layout.
  • Gold Carriage: The gold carriage has lights and golden walls. Inside, there are three shelves of gold around the car that reward 835Cash.png each. A total of 2,505Cash.png is obtainable from this layout.
  • Vault Carriage: Has red walls and a vault door that must be exploded in order to access the rest of the carriage. It contains two gems and two shelves of cash which reward 875Cash.png each. The total cash obtainable in this layout is 3,500Cash.png.


The tram will first spawn at its starting station and a bell will sound, alerting players of its activity. It will proceed to drive along its railway which encompasses most of the city. It has two stops; one facing the prison, in between the city and Sandy Suburbs (also its starting location) and one near the park, adjacent to the Car Dealership, Fruit Store, Cluckdonalds, the Grocery Store, and a Most Wanted Board. It goes around the railway three times, stopping at each station for 15 seconds, before ultimately stopping at its initial location and despawning, being replaced with a non-interactive model until it starts up again. Bells can be heard at random intervals throughout the duration of the tram moving.


  • This is the third moving heist, the others being the Cargo Ship and Cargo Plane.
    • As far as moving heists go, however, it is the only one where players are actually moving for its duration.
  • The Tram is the first heist that does not have a static amount of maximum obtainable cash per heist.
    • Furthermore, it is the only heist that changes its robbery layout from time to time.
  • It is the only heist where stolen items will not regenerate.
  • Despite being teased as a heist with "no cash limit", the obtainable cash has a cap at 11,010Cash.png (22,020Cash.png for owners of the VIP game pass]]).
  • Its existence was teased in a six-second video posted by Schwifty Studios; at the very beginning, a tram moving along a rail can be heard.[1]
  • A new heist was announced as early as May 9th, 2020, following the live event, although after multiple delays it saw its release 35 days later.
  • It is the only heist to have no obstacles or hazards.
  • This is the only heist where the increment in which VIP players receive cash is different from that of players without the game pass.
  • It is the only heist where grabbing cash is localized.