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The UZI-S is a special suppressed tertiary weapon introduced in the June 15th, 2019 update. It is one of the three weapons that can be found in red crates, along with the Minigun and Raygun.

It has a very fast firing speed and reload time along with a magazine size of 32, dealing 8 damage per shot. Since it is a handgun weapon, equipping other handguns, such as the Pistol, will cause the player to lose the UZI-S.


  • It appears to be based on the real Mini Uzi.
  • It is the second submachine gun to be added into the game, the first being the MP5.
  • It is one of two suppressed weapons in the game alongside the Pistol-S.
  • There was never an UZI without a suppressor equipped before it was added to the game.