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Usernames on my apps

  • YouTube Name=PolishTheTortuga YT
  • Twitter Name=George68280959
  • Fandom Name=PolishTheTortuga
  • Instagram Name=PolishTheTortuga
  • Roblox Name=PolishTheTortuga
  • TikTok Name=WhatsMyNameAgainDad
  • Fortnite Name=PolishGeorge
  • Block City War Name=WhatsMyNameAgainDad
  • Battlelands Royale Name=WhatsMyName#2977
  • Zombs Royale Name=PolishTheTortuga

Main affiliations

  • PolishThePug Industries (Leader)
    • PTP Biker gang (Lead Biker)
    • PTP Off-roading gang(Leader)
    • PTP Robbery gang (Lead Robber)
    • PTP Undercover gang (Leader)
    • PTP Casual (Leader)
    • PTP Criminals (Lead Felon)
  • Mad City Wiki (Editor)
    • Mad City Glitches Wiki (Editor)
  • Ghostbusters Wiki (Editor)
  • GTA Wiki (Editor)
    • GTA Myths Wiki (Editor and Investigator)
  • Halloween Wiki (Investigator)
  • Green Alien Gang (Supporter)
  • Block City Wiki (Editor)
  • T150 Cult (Supporter)
  • Spanish heist crew (Gunman/Formerly)
  • Unnamed heist crew (Gunman/Formerly)
  • The Real Ghostbusters (Temporarily quit)
  • The Extreme Ghostbusters (Formerly/Shut down)

Main Enemies

  • Mojo Studios Content
  • The Real Ghostbusters (Formerly/Temporarily quit)
  • Purple Alien Gang
  • JailBreak Wiki

Other wikis you might see me at

  • Ghostbusters Wiki=The Ghostbusters are my favourite movie series, and I watched the cartoons a lot as a child, and I’m mega hyped for the Ghostbusters movie coming out in 2021!
  • Mad City Glitches Wiki=I know many glitches from this game, and I’m helping to expand that wiki
  • Block City Wiki=Expanding it, since there’s not much info there
  • Mad City Wiki=I like Mad City, it’s the favourite game I ever played in Roblox, which I joined in 2018, and I’ve played the game ever since late Season 1 and/or early Season 2
  • GTA Myths Wiki=This is the wiki I put more time into, and don’t use it much, but my first myth was Michael De Santa’s ghost (probably fake)
  • GTA Wiki=These are my favourite video games, and I’ve been playing these for 5 years, and recently got GTASA, I’m halfway through GTAIV, almost done with GTAV, and very nearly done GTAVC
  • Halloween Wiki=I was quite a fan of this earlier on, but enjoyed it more when I found out about the GTA Myth involved with the Thorn Cult, who’ve cursed Michael Myers, and followed by Conal Cochran

Mad City stuff


T150 Transparent.png This user is a T150 stan.

"Hey, nice badge, cop!" ― Quote said to agitate the MCPD or ECSD, most commonly when he escapes pursuit

Season 1 (The OG Season)

Season 2 (The season of the Alien Corruption)