Mad City Roblox Wiki

VIP is a game pass which grants an assortment of perks. It can be purchased directly from the Roblox website, in-game via the phone, or by talking to the Prisoner NPC wearing a Dominus Aureus for 1,000Robux.


No Team Limits

Players with the game pass can bypass team capacity limits. For example, if a player would like to join the Hero team, but it is already full, the 6 player limit will be bypassed, allowing them to join the team. A VIP player's spot in the Hero team will still count towards the six-player limit.

Double Cash

VIP players are able to earn up to twice as much cash from any heist that requires its funds to be turned in at a base in order to acquire cash. An example of such a heist is the Jewelry Store which has its money limit capped at 5,000Cash.png - VIP players can continue earning money until they have reached 10,000Cash.png. However, this does not change the speed or increments at which money is acquired in heists.

Double Bounty Cash

Players with the game pass will also earn double the cash from killing (as a Hero) or arresting (as a Police Officer) someone with a bounty. For example, if a criminal has a bounty of 1,000Cash.png, then an enemy player will earn 2,000Cash.png from killing or arresting said criminal.

Chat Tag

An example of a player's VIP nametag in the chat.

VIP players will have a golden [VIP] tag in front of their name in the chat window whenever they speak.

Stratosphere Vehicle Skin

As of the February 1st, 2020 update, VIP pass owners can use a special vehicle skin known as Stratosphere. It has dynamic lighting that allows it to be highly reflective and bright during the day while being completely dark during the night, a feature that no other skin in the game currently possesses.


  • This is the most expensive game pass in the game at 1,000Robux. To compare, the second most expensive would be the Double XP game pass at 500Robux.