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Vanta is a dark hero that can rapidly fire Darkness from their hands, which will do a small AoE attack of 8 damage per hit.

Vanta can become invisible when sprinting and gain a small speed boost by doing so, this invisibility is not indefinite and will wear off and will require to recharge back up. Aiming with a weapon will also make the user visible.


  • Vanta used to be called Dark Matter upon the release of the game.
  • Vanta was previously able to fly, but as of the August 24th, 2019 update, Vanta can no longer fly, instead, activating invisibility upon sprinting.
  • Vanta's Dark Energy power is shared with the villain Raven.
  • Vanta used to deal 10 damage similarly to Raven, but with a clip size of 20.
  • Vanta shares the invisibility with Rykou.
    • Rykou's invisibility, unlike Vanta's, increases jump power.
  • Vanta appears to be based on the DC superhero Raven.