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Vehicle Customization Icon on the Phone.

Vehicle Customization is a system in Mad City that enables players to edit various cosmetic or functional aspects of their vehicles.

There are a variety of customization options for players to choose from, including skins, spoilers, rims, rim colors, underglows, window colors, suspension, and engine upgrades. There are two areas players can access to customize their vehicles; the Garage (which allows players to customize their land vehicle in one of three rooms, or their flying vehicle upon the helipad) and the Boatyard (which allows players to customize their sea vehicles by driving beneath the dock). Players who own the Mobile Customization game pass can edit their vehicles at any time via the Phone so long as they are inside of the driver's seat.

While editing a vehicle, players can preview one vehicle customization option at a time and can confirm whether or not they would like to purchase it. Once a customization option has been purchased, it will become available for any vehicle the player owns. Players can also obtain customization options from seasonal ranks, codes, game passes, and vehicle packs.

Vehicle Customization

Skin Cost Image
White Free White.png
Alder 5,000Cash.png Alder.png
Jet Black 5,000Cash.png Jet black.png
Dark Green 5,000Cash.png Dark green.png
Hot Pink 5,000Cash.png Hot pink.png
Black 5,000Cash.png Black.png
Yellow 5,000Cash.png Yellow.png
Green 5,000Cash.png Green.png
Pastel Pink 5,000Cash.png Pastel pink.png
Pastel Green 5,000Cash.png Pastel green.png
Pastel Violet 5,000Cash.png Pastel violet.png
Pastel Blue 5,000Cash.png Pastel blue.png
Cool Yellow 5,000Cash.png Cool yellow.png
Cyan 5,000Cash.png Cyan.png
Maroon 5,000Cash.png Maroon.png
Lime Green 5,000Cash.png Lime green.png
Red 5,000Cash.png Red.png
Blue 5,000Cash.png Blue.png
Pink 5,000Cash.png Pink.png
Grey 5,000Cash.png Gray.png
Purple 5,000Cash.png Purple.png
Orange 5,000Cash.png Orange.png
Matrix 10,000Cash.png Matrix.png
Toy Car 10,000Cash.png Toy car.png
Watermelon 10,000Cash.png Watermelon.png
Camo 10,000Cash.png Camo.png
Canadian 10,000Cash.png Canadian.png
Hotline 10,000Cash.png Hotline.png
Red Web 10,000Cash.png Red web.png
Zebra 10,000Cash.png Zebra.png
Ice 25,000Cash.png Ice.png
Princess 25,000Cash.png Princess.png
Red Waves 25,000Cash.png Red waves.png
Carbon Flames 25,000Cash.png Carbon flames.png
Queen 30,000Cash.png Queen.png
Glitter Waves 35,000Cash.png Glitter waves.png
Digital Purple 40,000Cash.png Digital purple.png
Aqua 40,000Cash.png Aqua.png
Nebula 40,000Cash.png Nebula.png
Venom 40,000Cash.png Venom.png
Fireworks 45,000Cash.png Fireworks.png
Tron 50,000Cash.png Tron.png
Black Hex 50,000Cash.png Black hex.png
OVO 50,000Cash.png Ovo.png
Paint Splatter 50,000Cash.png Paint splatter.png
Cosmo 75,000Cash.png Cosmo.png
Cotton Candy 75,000Cash.png Cotton candy.png
Nyan 80,000Cash.png Nyan.png
Gold 100,000Cash.png Gold skin.png
Rainbow Cubes 100,000Cash.png Rainbow cubes.png
Bape 100,000Cash.png Bape.png
Glitter Force 150,000Cash.png Glitter force.png
Mermaid 150,000Cash.png Mermaid.png
Fireball 200,000Cash.png Fireball.png
Creamsicle 200,000Cash.png Creamsicle.png
Ice Shards 250,000Cash.png Ice shards.png
Red Racer 250,000Cash.png Red racer.png
Voltage 400,000Cash.png Voltage.png
White Lightning 500,000Cash.png White lightning.png
Asiimov 500,000Cash.png Asiimov skin.png
Electric 500,000Cash.png Electric.png

Note: All window colors cost 5,000Cash.png.

Window Color Image
Orange Orange window.png
Yellow Yellow window.png
Purple Purple window.png
Pink Pink window.png
Alder Alder window.png
Red Red window.png
Lime Green Lime green window.png
Blue Blue window.png
Black Black window.png
Hot Pink Hot pink window.png
Grey Gray window.png
Dark Green Dark green window.png
Cyan Cyan window.png
Green Green window.png

Rim Cost Image
Default Free Default rims.png
Snowtires 10,000Cash.png Snowtires.png
Low Rider 20,000Cash.png Low rider.png
Bold Rider 20,000Cash.png Bold rider.png
Anzio 25,000Cash.png Anzio.png
3 Series 40,000Cash.png 3 series.png
Twister 40,000Cash.png Twister.png
Luxe 50,000Cash.png Luxe.png
Pentastar 50,000Cash.png Pentastar.png
Hurricane 50,000Cash.png Hurricane.png
Ornate 50,000Cash.png Ornate.png
Ring 50,000Cash.png Ring.png
Pong 50,000Cash.png Pong.png
Spikes 75,000Cash.png Spikes.png
Impasso 100,000Cash.png Impasso.png
No Rims 100,000Cash.png No rims.png
Turbine 150,000Cash.png Turbine.png
Cubed 150,000Cash.png Cubed.png
Hypnotize 150,000Cash.png Hypnotize.png
Flying V 300,000Cash.png Flying v.png
Spyder 500,000Cash.png Spyder.png
Ninja 500,000Cash.png Ninja.png

Note: All rim colors cost 5,000Cash.png.

Rim Color Image
Grey Default rims.png
Lime Green Lime green rims.png
Purple Purple rims.png
Orange Orange rims.png
Pink Pink rims.png
Alder Alder rims.png
Cool Yellow Cool yellow rims.png
Pastel Blue Pastel blue rims.png
Pastel Violet Pastel violet rims.png
Pastel Pink Pastel pink rims.png
Red Red rims.png
Jet Black Jet black rims.png
Cyan Cyan rims.png
Blue Blue rims.png
Yellow Yellow rims.png
Green Green rims.png
Hot Pink Hot pink rims.png
Dark Green Dark green rims.png
Black Black rims.png
Pastel Green Pastel green rims.png

Spoiler Cost Image
None Free
No spoiler.png
Basic 5,000Cash.png
Ramp Lip 5,000Cash.png
Ramp lip.png
Bench 10,000Cash.png
Mini 10,000Cash.png
Mini spoiler.png
Crook 15,000Cash.png
Drifter 25,000Cash.png
Civic 25,000Cash.png
Vector 35,000Cash.png
Wing 40,000Cash.png
Bat Wing 50,000Cash.png
Bat wing.png
Windrunner 50,000Cash.png
Triple Stack 50,000Cash.png
Triple stack.png
Race Wing 60,000Cash.png
Race wing.png
Airplane 70,000Cash.png
Supreme 100,000Cash.png
Jet 100,000Cash.png
Crescent 150,000Cash.png
Flight 150,000Cash.png
Upshift 250,000Cash.png
Omega 300,000Cash.png
Carbon 300,000Cash.png
Starfighter 500,000Cash.png

Note: All spoiler colors cost 5,000Cash.png.

Spoiler Color Image
Grey Race wing.png
Alder Alder spoiler.png
Lime Green Lime green spoiler.png
Purple Purple spoiler.png
Orange Orange spoiler.png
Blue Blue spoiler.png
Pastel Pink Pastel pink spoiler.png
Pastel Green Pastel green spoiler.png
Pastel Violet Pastel violet spoiler.png
Cool Yellow Cool yellow spoiler.png
Pink Pink spoiler.png
Yellow Yellow spoiler.png
Green Green spoiler.png
Cyan Cyan spoiler.png
Red Red spoiler.png
Dark Green Dark green spoiler.png
Black Black spoiler.png
Hot Pink Hot pink spoiler.png
Jet Black Jet black spoiler.png
Pastel Blue Pastel blue spoiler.png

Note: All underglows cost 25,000Cash.png.

Underglow Image
None No underglow.png
Pink Pink underglow.png
Red Red underglow.png
Orange Orange underglow.png
Lime Green Lime green underglow.png
Purple Purple underglow.png
Alder Alder underglow.png
Yellow Yellow underglow.png
Black Black underglow.png
Cyan Cyan underglow.png
Jet Black Jet black underglow.png
Green Green underglow.png
Hot Pink Hot pink underglow.png
Dark Green Dark green underglow.png
Blue Blue underglow.png

Note: The plate can be customized with any text the player wishes, so long as it is not censored by Roblox's filter.

Cost Image
Free Plate.png

Suspension Cost Image
Default Free Default suspension.png
Low 25,000Cash.png Low suspension.png
High 50,000Cash.png High suspension.png
Monster 100,000Cash.png Monster suspension.png

Engine Cost
Default Free
Boosted 30,000Cash.png
Turbo 100,000Cash.png
Supercharged 300,000Cash.png

Name Type Rank Required Image
Digital Camo Skin 5 Digital camo.png
Vex Rim 10
Winglets Spoiler 15
Waves Rim 20
Sunburst Skin 25 Sunburst.png
Magneto Rim 35
Magneto rims.png
Rainbow Skin 70 Rainbow.png
Speakers Spoiler 85

Name Type Rank Required Image
Oreo Skin 5 Oreo.png
Gecko Skin 15 Gecko.png
Pinwheel Rim 25
Lilac Skin 35 Lilac.png
Splitwing Spoiler 40
Raspberry Skin 45 Raspberry.png
Estremo Rim 55
Streamline Spoiler 60
Rage Skin 65 Rage.png
Raptor Rim 75
Hornet Skin 80 Hornet.png
Vice Skin 95 Vice.png

Name Type Rank Required Image
Star Power Skin 5 Star power.png
Royale Skin 15 Royale skin.png
Ringer Rim 25
Ringer rims.png
Toxic Skin 35 Toxic tryhard.png
Tall Tail Spoiler 40
Tall tail.png
Vector Web Skin 45 Vector web.png
Punk Rim 55
Punk rims.png
Hawk Spoiler 60
Hawk spoiler.png
Champion Skin 65 Champion skin.png
Merci Rim 75
Merci rims.png
Solar Wave Skin 80 Solar wave.png
Red Circuit Skin 95 Red circuit.png

Name Type Rank Required Image
Red Iron Skin 5 Red iron.png
Blue Zebra Skin 15 Blue zebra.png
Gear Rim 25
Gear rims.png
Oval Spoiler 35
Oval spoiler.png
Fracture Skin 40 Fracture skin.png
Buzz Skin 50 Buzz skin.png
C Rim 55
C rims.png
Race Stack Spoiler 65
Race stack.png
Pike Rim 75
Fractal Skin 95 Fractal skin.png

Name Type Rank Required Image
Snow Skin 5 Snow.png
Peppermint Skin 15 Peppermint.png
Snowball Rim 25
Toothpaste Skin 30 Toothpaste.png
Candy Cane Wings Spoiler 35
Candy cane wings.png
Sunset Skin 40 Sunset.png
Candy Canes Rim 55
Candy canes.png
Giant Wing Spoiler 60
Giant wing.png
Snowflakes Skin 65 Snowflakes.png
Snowflake Rim 75
Sweater Skin 80 Sweater.png
Frozen Skin 95 Frozen.png
Animated Hex Skin 150 Animated hex.gif
Animated Blue Snow Skin 200 Animated blue snow.gif
Animated Ugly Sweater Skin 300 Animated ugly sweater.gif
Animated Red Snow Skin 400 Animated red snow.gif
Animated Ice Skin 500 Animated ice.gif

Name Type Rank Required Image
Purple Dots Skin 5 Purple dots.png
Blue spirals Skin 15 Blue spirals.png
Dome Rim 25
Hot Rod Skin 30 Hot rod.png
Fixed Heightend Wing Spoiler 35
Fixed heightend wing.png
Trojan Skin 40 Trojan.png
Concave Rim 55
Rocket Booster Spoiler 60
Rocket booster.png
Purple Striker Skin 65 Purple striker.png
Mountain Rim 75
Red Camo Skin 80 Red camo.png
Tigerion Skin 95 Tigerion.png
Animated Yellow Zebra Skin 125 Animated yellow zebra.gif
Animated Hacker Skin 150 Animated hacker.gif
Animated Blue Triangles Skin 200 Animated blue triangles.gif
Animated Magma Skin 250 Animated magma.gif

Name Type Rank Required Image
Tesla Skin 5 Tesla.png
Red Circuit Skin 15 Red circuit s7.png
Terminator Rim 25
Terminator rims.png
Rainbow Wave Skin 30 Rainbow wave.png
Mad City Spoiler Spoiler 35
Mad city spoiler.png
Purple Laser Skin 40 Purple laser.png
Forcefield Rim 55
Green Circuit Skin 60 Green circuit.png
Purple Circuit Skin 65 Purple circuit.png
Core Rim 75
Orange Circuit Skin 80 Orange circuit.png
Neon Sign Skin 95 Neon sign.png

Name Type Code Image
Monochrome Skin W33K3NDHYP3 Monochrome.png
Talon Spoiler T4L3N
Sunbeam Skin B34M3R Sunbeam.png
Frosty Skin S33Z4N2 Frosty.png
Streetline Skin STR33TL1N3 Streetline.png
Plasma Skin S34Z4N3 Plasma.png
Pinky Skin TH1NKP1NK Pinky.png
Purple Zebra Skin S34Z4N4 Purple zebra.png
Birthday Fireworks Skin 0N3Y34R Birthday fireworks.png
Sk3tchYT Skin Skin 5K37CH Sk3tchyt.png
KreekCraft Skin Skin RealKreek Kreekcraft.png
NapkinNate Skin Skin Napkin Napkinnate.png
KraoESP Skin Skin KraoESP Kraoesp.png
Bandites Skin Skin Bandites Bandites.png
MyUsernamesThis Skin Skin uNiQueEe BACON That one youtuber that discriminates against players because of an accessory.png
Disco Skin D1$C0 Disco.png
Ryguy's Skin Skin Ryguy Ryguy's skin.png
DatBrian's Skin Skin datbrian Datbrian's skin.png
Green Dots Skin 0MGC0D3 Green dots.png

Name Type Image
Bullet Flames Skin Bullet flames.png
Bullet Rims Rim
Bullet rims.png
Bullet Wing Spoiler
Bullet wing.png

Name Type Image
Cyber Chrome Skin Cyber chrome.png
Cyber Rims Rim
Cyber rims.png

Name Type Image
Treads Rim

Name Type Image
Tiger Rage Skin Tiger rage.png
Mega Melon Skin Mega melon.png
Atom Splitter Skin Atom splitter.png

Name Type Image
Infinity Skin Skin Infinity skin.png
Infinity Rims Rim
Infinity rims.png

Name Type Obtaining Method Obtainability Image
Bubblegum Skin Getting on top of Cluckdonalds Unobtainable Bubblegum.png
Plaid Skin Going to a green house in Sandy Suburbs Unobtainable Plaid.png
Plasma Skin Going to the end of the Airport's runway Unobtainable Plasma.png
Birthday Cake Skin Being in a server with the fireworks show happening Unobtainable Birthday cake.png
Stratosphere Skin Having the VIP game pass Obtainable Stratosphere.png
Amethyst Skin Completing every Week 1 challenge in Season 5 Unobtainable Amethyst.png
Neon Angel Skin Completing every Week 2 challenge in Season 5 Unobtainable Neon angel.png
Big Green Skin Completing every Week 3 challenge in Season 5 Unobtainable Big green.png
Orange Camo Skin Completing every Week 5 challenge in Season 5 Unobtainable Orange camo.png
Purple Fade Skin Completing every Week 6 challenge in Season 5 Unobtainable Purple fade.png
Zoom Skin Completing every Week 1 challenge in Season 6 Unobtainable Zoom.png
Red Bolts Skin Completing every "Week 3" challenge in Season 6 Unobtainable Red bolts.png
Animated Stars Skin Obtaining the ___ Badge Unobtainable Animated stars.gif
Paint Job Skin Completing every "Week 5" challenge in Season 6 Unobtainable Paint job.png
Water Paint Skin Unknown Unobtainable Water paint.png
Graffiti Skin Completing every "Week 11" challenge in Season 6 Unobtainable Graffiti.png
The Sky Skin Completing every "Week 7" challenge in Season 6 Unobtainable The sky.png
Fire Bender Skin Completing every "Week 9" challenge in Season 6 Unobtainable Fire bender.png
Purple Flames Skin Collecting all six fragments for Pumpking Unobtainable Purple flames.png
Evil Wheels Rim Collecting all six fragments for Pumpking Unobtainable
Evil wheels.png
Animated Thermawaves Skin Unknown Unknown Animated thermalwaves.gif
Animated Racer Skin Unknown Unknown Animated racer.gif
Animated Galaxy Wave Skin Unknown Unknown Animated thermalwaves.gif
Frozen Spoiler Spoiler 50% chance of opening from a gift Unobtainable
Frozen spoiler.png
Blue Ugly Sweater Skin 50% chance of opening from a gift Unobtainable Blue ugly sweater.png
Red Ugly Sweater Skin 50% chance of opening from a gift Unobtainable Red ugly sweater.png
Wrapped Wheels Rim 25% chance of opening from a gift Unobtainable
Wrapped wheels.png
Red Wrapping Paper Skin 25% chance of opening from a gift Unobtainable Red wrapping paper.png
Green Wrapping Paper Skin 25% chance of opening from a gift Unobtainable Green wrapping paper.png
Wrapped Spoiler Spoiler 15% chance of opening from a gift Unobtainable
Wrapped spoiler.png
Starry Night Skin 15% chance of opening from a gift Unobtainable Starry night.png
Festive Wheels Rim 15% chance of opening from a gift Unobtainable
Festive wheels.png
Neon Animated Camera Skin 8% chance of opening from a gift Unobtainable Neon animated camera.gif
Neon Animated Pinwheel Skin 8% chance of opening from a gift Unobtainable Neon animated pinwheel.gif
Tread Wheels Rim 2% chance of opening from a gift Unobtainable
Tread wheels.png


  • Engines are the only vehicle customization options that affect a vehicle's performance.
    • However, vehicles such as boats, aerial vehicles and bikes can not be applied; therefore not being able to make its speed faster than its original form.