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Villain is one of the 5 teams added in the Season 4 update. Prisoners and Criminals can join this team by picking up a Power Crystal. Once they are killed, they will respawn at their base with a Pistol, although they still have access to the Criminal Base and Warehouse Criminal Base. The Villain Lair is located inside of the volcano and can be accessed through a door at its foundation. Villains do not drop Power crystals when killed.


The currently existing villains are listed below:

Name Powers Damage "Clip" Size
Phantom villain.png
Green lightning bolts and flight 25 4
Dark energy and increased mobility 10 40
Transparent rykou.png
Shurikens, invisibility, super jump, and increased mobility 20 40


  • Phantom was previously a Hero.
    • Previous to that, the power was called "Dutchman" and obtainable as a reward for finding a buried key to unlock a cursed pirate chest. The NPC that triggered the quest would only speak with "fellow thieves" (criminals), making Phantom, in a sense, the first villain added to Mad City.
  • If a Villain is arrested, dies after being attacked by a Hero or Police within a certain time frame, or die within a certain proximity of the Prison, they will respawn as a Prisoner.
  • While the Raven, Rykou and Phantom Crystals cannot be encountered naturally, they can be spawned in using Private Server Admin Commands.
  • Villains are similar to Criminals in which they cannot be selected when joining the game.
  • Any items obtained from looting will be kept if a Prisoner becomes a Villain, which could cause a player's inventory to exceed nine items.
  • Villains, of all of the teams, can enter the most team bases at five (now four).
  • Villains can't drop their powers when get killed like heroes. However, there still are their power crystals in game; they can be summoned by Private Server Admin Commands.