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The Villain Lair is the spawn point for villains and their respective base. It replaced the old Hero Base location inside the volcano in the August 24th, 2019 update.

Here, villains can equip one of three exclusive powers: Raven, Phantom, and Rykou. There is no weaponry in this lair, and there is only one point of entry; a gate leading to an elevator, of which both can be only used by villains.

Villains killed by an environmental hazard or by resetting will respawn inside the lair with only a pistol and any superpowers stripped from them.

Villains are unable to turn in heist cash here and instead must go to either the Criminal Base or Warehouse Criminal Base.

The lava surrounding the villain powers will kill anyone that touches it.


  • If a player that is not a villain enters the Villain Lair, they will be teleported out with the message "You are not allowed to enter the Villian Lair".[sic]
  • It is the first base that has a hazard directly inside of it, the second being the Easter Isle Police Station.