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Voltron is an electric hero that can cast beams of thunder at enemies rapidly, which will do 4 damage per hit. Voltron will be able to fire 50 electricity bolts, which is approximately 5 seconds of firing electricity bolts until the ability must be reloaded. Running will turn Voltron into a ball of electricity, increasing his speed and jump height (similar to Raven) but the sprint can only be done for a short while until it must recharge over a period of time.

Voltron can utilize their fast sprinting to their advantage to dodge incoming attacks and use the compliant electricity bolts to hit fast-moving targets from a short to medium distance. The disadvantages are that the power forgoes the ability to sprint indefinitely (granted the cooldown) and the short-ranged projectiles are relatively low-DPS when compared to other weapons that are used in close-quarters.


  • Voltron was named Tesla when the game first released.
  • The volts of electricity previously dealt 8 damage but were later decreased to 4 damage.
  • Voltron used to be able to fly before the August 24th, 2019 update.
  • Due to Voltron’s sprinting effects being particles, it is not visible through windows.
  • The electricity bolts have the shortest range and lowest damage per hit of all the projectiles of any hero.
    • The bolt's hitbox is slightly longer than the visual used for the projectile.
  • This superhero could be based on the Marvel supervillain Electro.