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This article is about the Warehouse Criminal Base. You may be looking for the Criminal Base.

The Warehouse Criminal Base is the Criminal spawn point, base of operations, drop-off location, and a hide-out granted the Police and Heroes cannot enter.

Villains can also use the Warehouse Criminal Base as a drop-off location, albeit their respective spawn is the Villain Lair.

There is a fence around the perimeter of the Warehouse Criminal Base with a red barrier that functions identically to the one found at the Criminal Base. It has a front door and a back door and there are two garages in the left and in the right of the front door. The two garages open when there is a vehicle near them. Another door that is present on the roof is at the opposite of the helipad.

The Warehouse Criminal Base serves as the location for Criminal Dogs, which can be adopted for 10,000Cash.png. It also serves as the spawn location for the Mustang, Vapid, and Challenger. The base also has a freezer with steak in it; steak can be used to distract dogs.

The criminal variant of Body Armor can also be purchased here for 5,000Cash.png.


  • If a Police or Hero enters the Warehouse Criminal Base, they will be teleported out with the message "You are not allowed to enter the Criminal Base".
  • The current criminal base design is very similar to the first criminal base design.
  • The Warehouse Criminal Base is in place of the old Criminal Base, which appears to have moved behind the airport before it was removed in the May 27th, 2021 update.