Mad City Roblox Wiki

Experience points (commonly abbreviated as XP) are a value that increases the player's Rank when earned. Each Rank has an amount of XP assigned to it that, when reached, will allow the player to progress to the next Rank. Ranks reset at the beginning of a new season, along with the introduction of new Rank rewards.

Earning XP

Below is a list of all possible ways to obtain XP. The Double XP game pass will grant twice as much for completing the following activities.

  • 200 XP Mining Diamond
  • 45 XP Mining Gold
  • 25 XP Making a Burger
  • 20 XP Mining copper
  • 20 XP: Crafting (Knife, Hammer, C4)
  • 10 XP: Looting (boxes, barrels, garbage cans)
  • 10 XP Washing Laundry
  • 10 XP: Pickpocketing Weapons from Police
  • 5 XP: Pickpocketing Keycards from Police

  • 25 - 600 XP: Arresting Criminals
  • 400 XP: Completing Nightclub raid
  • 300 XP: Completing Cargo Plane heist
  • 100 XP: Paycheck (Received at 6:10 PM in-game time)
  • 25 XP: Arresting guilty Prisoners
  • 5 XP: Tazing criminals
  • 4 XP: Ejecting criminals from a vehicle

  • 500 XP: Completing Tram heist
  • 500 XP: Completing Pyramid heist
  • 400 XP: Completing Nightclub heist
  • 350 XP: Completing Jewelry Store heist
  • 300 XP: Completing Cargo Plane heist
  • 300 XP: Completing Casino heist
  • 250 XP: Completing Bank heist
  • 150 XP: Completing Cargo Ship heist
  • 5 XP: Pickpocketing Police
  • Note: Raiding multiple heists before returning to a Criminal Base will grant the XP received from all of them as a stack.

    • 1000-2500 XP: Completing Challenges
    • 15 XP: Disabling flying vehicles
    • 10 XP: Kill
    • 10 XP: Workout
    • 1 XP: Popped tire
    • 10 XP: Reviving a downed teammate
    • Variable XP: Purchasing with Robux

    Additionally, XP can be purchased from the Rewards page on the Phone in four different packages; 1,000 for 10Robux, 5,000 for 50Robux, 25,000 for 200Robux, and 50,000 for 400Robux.

    Ranking Up

    There is no limit to the Rank that a player can have; as a result of the February 10th, 2020 update, the previous Rank limit of 100 has been removed.

    The formula of the amount of XP needed to reach Rank n from a previous Rank is 100(n-1).

    The formula of the total amount of XP needed to reach Rank n (from Rank 1) is 50n(n-1).

    The formula of the total amount of XP needed to reach Rank n (from Rank r) is (50n(n-1))-(50r(r-1))

    Rank Icons


    • It was possible to earn 1 XP by using a vehicle, but this method of obtaining XP was removed in Season 4.
    • On the release of Season 5, the amount of XP required to rank up was doubled during the end-seasons.
    • Rank icons for Rank 100 and above are still winter-themed at the beginning of Season 6 and Season 7.
      • This will be changed upon the game UI revamp in Chapter 2.